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Bird Jigsaw Puzzles - Pyrrhuloxia - Medium (315K)

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Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Birds - Pyrrhuloxia


A distinctive songbird of arid scrublands, the Pyrrhuloxia lives in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. A thick-billed, reddish bird with a crest, that resembles its close relative, the Northern Cardinal. Listen to this bird.

Download free jigsaw puzzle (315K) | How to move and rotate the pieces.

Each jigsaw puzzle is a single, self-contained, executable file. There's nothing to install and you don't need any special plug-ins, viewers, or software.

When prompted, choose to save the file. Once downloaded, double click on the file to run it. No installation needed. It's a totally self-contained game.

These puzzles are free. Enjoy them and feel free to share them with all your friends.

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