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Here, you'll find free art jigsaw puzzles featuring images by art masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí as well as other well-known artists.

Vincent van Gogh

Free Flower Jigsaw Puzzles
Image courtesy of AreYouGame.com

Many works by this troubled post-Impressionist painter can be played as jigsaw games online. Here's a sampling.

Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com

These free jigsaw puzzles feature the work of Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí, Scottish painter Jack Vettriano, the UK's most popular artist, as well as enchanting rural scenes from days of yore.

Great Art Jigsaw Puzzles

This is a great site for art buffs with dozens of jigsaw games featuring amazing artwork of visual artists throughout history. Whether your tastes cater to the Modern Masters such as Cézanne, Impressionists like Renoir, Renaissance Greats such as da Vinci and Botticelli or artists from the Baroque period, such as Rubens, Vermeer and Velázquez, you're bound to find something of interest here. Unfortunately, most of these puzzles are of the drag and drop variety which I find somewhat boring, but the good news is that they're now starting to offer free art jigsaw puzzle downloads which use the popular Tibo software interface.

Puzzle Warehouse Jigsaw Puzzles

At the Puzzle Warehouse, you can piece together free online jigsaw games featuring some of the most popular artwork to be found on the cardboard jigsaw puzzles produced by your favorite jigsaw puzzle manufacturers. On offer here are free folk art, animal and fantasy jigsaw puzzles. You can adjust the difficulty level from an extra-easy nine pieces to a fairly challenging 108-piece puzzle. Very nice.

Shop for Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com

If you prefer piecing together jigsaw puzzles the old-fashioned way, why not browse our selection of easy to challenging art jigsaw puzzles featuring fine art through the ages as well as beautiful Folk Art Jigsaw Puzzles for aficionados of the genre.

Poll: Which do you prefer: easy, medium or hard jigsaw puzzles?

On the computer, I tend to piece together smaller puzzles, but more of them, than I would if I were doing them offline. How about you? Which difficulty level of jigsaw puzzle do you prefer to solve on your computer?

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