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The Sator Acrostic

The Sator Acrostic

Definition: An acrostic is a poem or a puzzle in which the first or last letter of each line spell out a word, phrase, or name. When it's the last letter, it's often referred to as a telestich. A double acrostic has the first and last letters forming new words.

Acrostic puzzle: A puzzle in which a list of clues is given and each letter from every solution is entered into a corresponding square in an accompanying grid to reveal (usually) a quotation from a famous person. The acrostic element refers to the fact that when completed, the first letter of each solution word spells out the name of the author and, in a double acrostic, the source of the quotation.

Also Known As: crostic, double acrostic, cryptacrostic, anacrostic, telestich
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