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Logic Maze Puzzles


Definition: A logic maze puzzle is a logic puzzle with some aspects of a tour puzzle. The mazes have different rules that determine how you can navigate through it. In some type of logic mazes, it's possible for the rules to change while you’re in the maze. Various types of logic mazes include
  • Eyeball Mazes, where you jump from one square to another based on the color or shape of the symbol on that square.
  • Alice Mazes, where the number of squares you can jump depends on the squares you've already landed on.
  • Sliding Door Maze, where you have to correctly align the sliding doors to escape the maze.
  • Rolling dice mazes, in which a die is rolled onto cells based on various rules
  • Rolling block mazes, in which the shape of a block determines how it can move.
  • Number mazes, in which a grid of numbers is navigated by traveling the number shown on the current square.
  • Multi-State mazes, in which the rules for navigation change depending on how the maze has been navigated.
Also Known As: multistate mazes, "mazes-with-rules"

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