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Free Bastille Day Puzzles


Bastille Day Puzzles

Free Jigsaw Puzzles

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Bastille Day commemorates the fall of the Bastille, a Parisian fortress-prison which came to represent royal authority. Its fall marked the beginning of the French Revolution. Enjoy these free puzzles and games with themes related to France and French language, culture, food, drink and tourist destinations.

Mots Cachés - Word Search Puzzles

Try these free word search games for a fun way to learn new words and how they are spelled. These large-print word games cover various themes related to the country of France and the delectable dishes for which the nation is known.
  • Bastille Day Word Search - In this game, the challenge is to find the 22 hidden words associated with Bastille Day and the French Revolution.
  • Vive la France! Word Search - Twenty-two words associated with France, its food, cities, regions and landmarks, are hidden in this word search puzzle.
  • French Food Word Search - This word puzzle features the names of twenty-four gastronomic delights contributed by masters of French Cuisine. Miam! Miam!
  • French Wines and Spirits Word Search - France is also renowned for its superb wines and spirits. See if you can find the names of the eighteen intoxicants hidden in the puzzle.
  • City of Lights Word Search - This word search game has twenty-seven words or phrases naming various landmarks found in France's capital and largest city, Paris.
  • Mots Cachés - Try your hand at these French language word search puzzles.

Mots Croisés - Crossword Puzzles

Bastille Day Crossword Puzzle - Practice your knowledge of terms related to Bastille Day with this crossword puzzle.

Related Resources

  • Mots croisés - The French mots croisés (crosswords) differ from the US or UK puzzles in a number of ways. Here, you'll find French-language crossword puzzles to help build and reinforce vocabulary in la langue de Molière.
  • Mots fléchés - Known as arroword in English, this crossword variant has fewer black squares than a regular crossword, with arrows inside the grid and clues preceding the arrows. This type of crossword has been called the most popular word puzzle in many European countries.
  • Jeux de Mots - For those who enjoy puns, tongue twisters and other wordplay.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Casse-Têtes en ligne

Bastille Day Jigsaw Puzzle - Piece together this free online jigsaw puzzle with a Bastille Day theme.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Scenes of Eastern France - Here is a collection of jigsaw puzzles featuring images from the eastern area of France. Though Bastille Day focuses on Paris and the beginning of the French Revolution, these beautiful outlying areas are remarkable for their historical significance as well as their rich cultural heritage.

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