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Halloween Puzzles

Free Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Word Games


Here, you'll find free Halloween puzzles and games for puzzle lovers of all ages. We have themed crossword puzzles for both children and adults, Halloween trivia games, Halloween word search puzzles to play online or print, and many more puzzles and word games for some spooky Halloween fun.

Halloween Trivia and Fun Facts

Hey trivia buffs, do you know where the Halloween customs of wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, and going door-to-door asking for treats originated? Take the Halloween Trivia Quiz and test your knowledge of Halloween history and lore.

Do you know the difference between a gorgon and a gargoyle? What do vampires and chupacabras have in common? Have no fear! Take the Mythological Monster Quiz and test your knowledge of fantastic fiends throughout the ages.

Are you familiar with the traditions surrounding the Day of the Dead, celebrated each year in Mexico? You can test your knowledge of this unusual holiday and its rituals with the Day of the Dead Quiz.

Halloween Crossword Puzzles

If you're partial to crossword puzzles, here are some crossword games to get you in the mood for some Halloween fun. These spooky-themed crosswords are meant for older solvers. For easier crossword games for children and second language learners, see Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids.

Halloween Word Search Puzzles

About Puzzles also has word search puzzles in larger print that are suitable for seniors and others who prefer larger letters in their word search games. Available in both English and Spanish, these puzzles are a good way for second language learners to acquire and retain new vocabulary. These word games of medium difficulty can be played online or printed. For puzzles appropriate for younger solvers see Halloween Word Search Games for Kids.

Once the Halloween festivities are over, families in Mexico get together to celebrate the Day of the Dead. These word games use vocabulary pertaining to this important annual celebration.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Playing jigsaw puzzle games online can be a fun way to pass the time, though they can become a bit of an addiction. These free jigsaw games feature some of the most popular Halloween themes: haunted houses, pumpkins, witches, even vintage Halloween greeting cards. Enjoy!

Jigidi is a popular jigsaw game site where users create their own online games which they then share with others and compete to see who can solve them the fastest. Enjoy these free jigsaw games of medium difficulty from the folks at Jigidi.

Jigsaw Planet has several themed jigsaw games with striking images and 3D puzzle pieces.

TheJigsawPuzzles.com Halloween puzzles section has several Halloween jigsaw puzzles and quite a few more featuring pumpkins and other autumn themes. This online puzzle site, like Jigzone, allows the user to change the piece cut and the number of pieces, so you can customize your jigsaw puzzle to whatever you're comfortable with. I like the fact that the pieces are three-dimensional - it makes it seem more like you're piecing together a "real" jigsaw puzzle. The Flash-based interface has some bells and whistles not found at other online jigsaw sites. Perhaps because of this, I find that when moving the puzzle pieces there tends to be a lag compared to some of the other free jigsaw puzzle sites I've looked at.

In these Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles from Jigzone, the user can change the piece cut and number of pieces from 6 to 247 pieces. The puzzles, however, are two-dimensional, making the puzzles somewhat boring.

Younger solvers may enjoy the easy jigsaw games in our section on Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids.

Halloween Memory Games

Here's a Halloween version of Concentration, the classic memory game.
Easy (4x4) | Challenging (6x6)

Shop for Halloween Crossword Books and Jigsaw Puzzles
Looking for a surprise gift with a terrifying theme? Check out these puzzle books and jigsaw puzzles that are filled with Halloween fun.

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