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On the second Sunday in May, in the United States and many other countries, we observe Mother's Day, an annual celebration honoring mothers and the special place they hold in our hearts. To mark the occasion, we suggest the following crossword puzzles, word searches, and jigsaw puzzle games with a Mother's Day theme. For free word puzzles, quizzes, and interactive games celebrating Mom on her special day, see our page devoted to Mother's Day Puzzles for Kids.

Mother's Day Crossword Puzzles

Looking for an American-style crossword game with a Mother's Day theme? Here's a crossword puzzle dedicated to dear old Mom, Mom's Crossword Puzzle by Dave Fisher. This themed crossword game for older children and adults can be solved online, in AcrossLite, or printed.

For easy crossword games for younger crossword fans, see the educational crosswords in our section of free Mother's Day Crossword Printables for Kids.

Mother's Day Word Games

Word search fans, rejoice! We have your favorite game in large print for easy reading by seniors and others who prefer a larger font size. These games are of medium difficulty and are available in both English and Spanish. Perfect for adults and second language learners, these word games can be played online or printed for solving with pencil and paper.

Parents and educators looking for Mother's Day word search worksheets for children will find dozens of themed puzzles appropriate for younger solvers at Mother's Day Word Search Puzzles for Kids.

Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzles

Studies show that adults with hobbies that stimulate their brains are less likely to suffer from memory loss. Piecing together jigsaw puzzles is a good way to give the brain a workout. Beautiful blossoms abound in these free Flower Jigsaw Puzzles. These games come in three difficulty levels; easy (about 40 pcs), medium (90 pcs) and hard (150+ pcs).

An American tradition, carnations have been given away on Mother's Day since 1907 when the holiday's founder, Anna Jarvis, distributed 500 white carnations at her mother's church. Jigsaw puzzle fans can enjoy piecing together these 60-piece, 100-piece and 150-piece carnation jigsaw puzzles.

For a special Mother's Day surprise, consider making your own online jigsaw puzzles from a cherished photograph. By simply uploading your image and choosing a piece cut and difficulty level, you can create a customized puzzle that you can easily share with friends, family, or students. See our online tutorial to find out How to Make Your Own Online Jigsaw Puzzles.

Perhaps you'd like to give Mom a unique, customized jigsaw game as a gift? If so, then consider turning a favorite snapshot into a handsome photo jigsaw puzzle like the Mother's Day Personalized Photo Puzzle & Tin, shown here, or one of the other puzzle games in our directory of personalized jigsaw puzzles. Just upload a digital photo and it will be reproduced on a sturdy, white cardboard puzzle and coordinating gift tin. These difficulty level of these jigsaw puzzles varies; easy puzzles have 72 pieces, medium puzzles have 252 pieces, and the most challenging rings in at 551 pieces. A wonderful game that the whole family can enjoy!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a mystifying gift for Mom? From crosswords to jigsaw puzzles, Mom's Puzzle Gift Guide suggests some great and inexpensive puzzling gift ideas.
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