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Free Presidents Day Puzzles

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Free Presidents Day Puzzles
Presidents Day, a day set aside to honor all United States presidents, is celebrated each year on the third Monday in February. Kids of all ages will enjoy these free crossword puzzles, word searches, jigsaw puzzles and word games with a Presidents Day theme.

US Presidents Trivia Games

How well do you know your U.S. Presidents? Take the Presidents Day Trivia Quiz and find out. The trivia questions in this quiz game are all connected with the office of the President of the United States and those who have served in that capacity.

On a related note, we have the American History Quiz, full of fun facts about U.S. history and some of the major contributors to the fabric of the nation.

For another interesting quiz game, see Who Wants to Be a Presidential Guru? from About's Guide to American History. In this game, based on the popular TV game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, you can test your Presidential proficiency with these eleven questions about various Presidential precedents.

US Presidents Word Scramble Games

Do you enjoy anagram games? Then see if you can unscramble the letters to reveal the names of men who have served as President of the United States. For anagram games designed with youngsters in mind, see the section devoted to word scrambles at Presidents Day Word Scrambles, Counting and Memory Games.

US Presidents Word Search Games

For a fairly challenging word search game with a presidential theme, see our Presidents Word Search. The names of all the current and former presidents are hidden in the puzzle. The letters in the grid are in extra-large print for easier reading. Play it online or print and solve at your leisure.

If you're looking for easier word search puzzles for younger solvers, check out what's available at U.S. Presidents Word Search Puzzles for Kids. These hidden word puzzles range in difficulty from very easy to somewhat challenging. Most are for printing, but some games are available to play online. These games are a great way to help kids memorize the names and learn facts about the life and times of the men who have served in the highest office in the U.S.

US Presidents Crossword Puzzles

For Presidents Day, try your hand at solving the Commanders-In-Chief Crossword Puzzle, a standard, American-style crossword puzzle with a gubernatorial theme. Solve it online, in AcrossLite or print and solve on paper.

If you're a parent or teacher seeking educational crossword games with themes related to the presidents, see what's on offer at US Presidents Crossword Puzzles for Kids. The puzzles found here are for the most part of the criss-cross variety often used in learning establishments. Most consist of printable worksheets, though there are a couple of online games better suited to secondary level students and adults.

Free Presidents Day Puzzles for Children

At Presidents Day Puzzles for Kids, we feature a number of word games featuring words related to the nation's chief executive and his office. You'll also find themed jigsaw puzzles, dot-to-dots, memory games and many more online and printable puzzle games with a presidential theme.
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