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Looking for a fun educational activity to help reinforce students' knowledge of Canada and the people who inhabit it? These crosswords are a great way for puzzlers of all ages to learn new words as well as important facts about Canada.

Canada Crossword Puzzles to Print

The crossword puzzle worksheets featured here examine various aspects of the country and its history. All use the freeform format commonly used in most educational crossword games. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

Some of these free crossword puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.

  • Confederation Crossword - 12 entries pertaining to the Canada's confederation and the men who made it happen are featured in this freeform crossword from Collections Canada. Solution provided.
  • Canada Crossword - 13 words related to Canada's geography, symbols and government appear in this easy crossword puzzle worksheet.
  • Canada Crossword Puzzle Worksheet - This 15-word crossword game is fairly challenging and requires a good knowledge of the country, its provinces and cities, political structures and indigeous people.
  • Aspects of Government Crossword Puzzle - From Parks Canada, a 17-word puzzle that explores Canada's parliamentary system of government.
  • Canadian Prime Ministers - This crossword contains 20 trivia questions regarding the men and women who have served in Canada's highest office.
  • Aboriginal Treaties and Relations Crossword - The 20 entries in this puzzle look at the history of Canada's first nations and their (often stormy) relations with European settlers.
  • Pioneers and Immigrants Crossword - This 20-word crossword puzzle focuses on immigrants to the country; their origins, where they settled, and reasons for emigrating.
  • Great Canadian Crossword - From Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a challenging 21-word crossword puzzle which looks at Canadians who have made their mark in the fields of medicine, sports, business and entertainment. Solution provided.
  • Canada's Constitutional History Crossword - This challenging crossword game has 26 clues pertaining to the history of the country and the institutions which govern it.

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Canada Crossword Puzzles to Play Online

These interactive crossword puzzles can be played on your computer. For older crossword puzzle solvers.
  • Canadiana Crossword Puzzle - An interactive criss-cross puzzle with 30 entries pertaining to Canadian history, geography, politics and celebrities.
  • All About Canada Crossword Puzzle - This crossword looks at the towns, cities, lakes, rivers, people and historical sites of Canada.
  • CANADA: A People's History Crosswords - If you prefer crossword puzzles that follow the standard, American-style format, then try these games by crossword constructor Kelly Anne Buchanan. The crossword puzzles featured here are based on episodes of the CBC series Canada: A People's History. Though these puzzles don't necessarily adhere to the standards used by most print publications (i.e. two-letter entries, etc.), nevertheless they are a fun challenge and a great way to increase your knowledge of Canada's history. Seventeen puzzles, each one pertaining to a particular episode, are available for your puzzling pleasure. Play them online or print and solve. These games are better suited to older children and adults.

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Free Canada Puzzles for Kids
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