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Youngsters at the pre and primary school levels can play these puzzling activities that don't require good spelling or learning new vocabulary words. These printable mazes and connect-the-dot puzzles are a great way for kids to develop their observation and counting skills. These puzzle games all make use of themes pertaining to the country of Canada or its Canada Day celebration.

Canada Maze Puzzles to Print

Maze puzzles are fun to solve for puzzling minds of all ages. Success in navigating a maze requires good concentration as well as the use of strategic planning skills. Below, we have several easy to challenging maze games with Canadian themes to print and solve.
  • Canada Goose Maze - In this easy maze puzzle, the object is to help the Canada Goose find his pond.
  • Canada Day Maze Puzzles - Here, you'll find two Canada Day maze puzzles of medium difficulty: help the boy find the Canada Day fireworks and help the Canada Day patriot find all the flags.
  • Canada Maze Worksheet - Help the man find his way to Canada in this challenging maze game.

Canada Connect-the-Dot Puzzles to Print

Young children can gain practice in identifying numbers and putting them in sequence with these easy to challenging dot-to-dot activities.
  • Canada Connect-the-Dots - Three themed dot-to-dot games for your puzzling pleasure: Maple Leaf (to 25), Canada Flag (to 8) and Map of Canada (to 36).
  • Busy Beaver Dot-to-Dot - From the Canadian Coast Guard, a 66-dot game depicting a cartoon beaver making a phone call.
  • Dot-to-Dot Mystery Map - Connect the dots in the puzzle. When finished, use an atlas or globe to figure out the mystery country.

On the next page, you'll find quizzes, word scramble games and encryption puzzles with Canadian themes.

Free Canada Puzzles for Kids
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