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Earth Day Mazes, Dot-to-Dots and Picture Puzzles


Young puzzlers who haven't yet learned to read can still benefit from puzzle games. Try these mazes, connect-the-dot puzzles and spot-the-difference games for some puzzling Earth Day fun that doesn't require good spelling or memorizing vocabulary words.

Earth Day Connect-the-Dots

Games such as dot-to-dot puzzles are a fun way for young children to learn and remember their numbers as well as acquire basic counting skills.

Energy Connect-the-Dots Game
One of the most important sources of energy is the subject of this dot-to-dot game. Play it online or print and solve on paper. Count to 21.

Earth Day Connect the Dots Worksheet
Count to 29 to complete the drawing of a butterfly which can then be colored for more Earth Day fun.

Earth Day Spot the Differences

These puzzles are a good way for young children to learn patience and attentiveness.

Earth Day Find the Differences Game
Can you find the seven differences before the clock runs out? It's harder than you think!

Recycle Spot-the-Difference
How observant are you? Can you find at least ten of the fifteen differences between the two pictures?

Earth Day Maze Puzzles

  • Earth Day Mazes - Three different maze puzzles with themes related to the environment can be found here: Help the Recycling get into the Bin, Help the Sunshine make the Sprout Grow, and Help the Wind blow the Turbine. Available in B&W or color, these maze puzzles are fairly easy and make a fun activity for children of primary school age.
  • Earth Day Recycling Maze - Find the path from the recyclables to the recycling center in this easy maze puzzle.
  • Earth Day Printable Mazes - Three themed maze puzzles of medium difficulty are available for your solving pleasure.
  • Earth Day Maze Puzzle - Print out the page and help Globe Boy navigate the maze. The puzzle is quite challenging and better suited to older children.

On the next page, you'll find trivia quizzes, word scramble puzzles, and memory games with an Earth Day theme.

Free Earth Day Puzzles for Kids
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