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Father's Day Puzzles for Kids

Mazes, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Dot-to-Dots


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Even children who don't know how to read can still benefit from puzzle games. Try these mazes, connect-the-dot puzzles and spot-the-difference games for some puzzling Fathers's Day fun.

Father's Day Maze Puzzles to Print

Below, you'll find a variety of printable maze puzzles with a timely theme. At times, the puzzle page may be overwritten by an ad. If this should happen, click on the "Turn off this Top Frame" link in the top center of the screen and the page should appear.
  • Father's Day Mazes - Here, you'll find two maze puzzles; one of Dad cooking dinner on the barbecue and the other of a Basketball Game. Each of these maze games comes in three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Difficult.
  • Help Dad Golf Maze - Can you help Dad sink that elusive putt in this easy maze game?
  • Help Dad Golf Maze - A more challenging version of the puzzle for kids at the elementary school level.
  • Get Ready for Dad's Picnic Maze - See if you can find the way through the labyrinth from the picnic meal to the picnic table in this maze game of medium difficulty.
  • Give Dad a Hug Maze - At first glance, this maze puzzle appears fairly challenging. However, although the maze itself is somewhat large, there aren't very many possible paths to take to arrive at the destination.

Father's Day Maze Puzzle Games to Play On Your Computer

For those who prefer navigating maze puzzles on the computer, here's an interactive game in three difficulty levels.

Father's Day Spot the Difference Games

These visual puzzles can often be found in magazines and books for young readers. They are a good way to to improve patience and attentiveness in chldren.

Father's Day Connect-the-Dots and Hidden Picture Puzzles

Children can practice their numbers and counting skills with these fun dot-to-dot activities. Or, they can test their powers of observation with this challenging hidden object game by artist Liz Ball.

On the next page, you'll find encryption puzzles, word and memory games with a Father's Day theme.

Free Father's Day Puzzles for Kids
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