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Halloween Mazes and Spot-the-Difference Games


This page features several printable Halloween mazes, hidden picture puzzles to play online or print, and spot the difference games featuring scary creatures and spooky settings.

Printable Maze Puzzles

Activity Village offers some nice maze puzzles in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Recommended.

Halloween Mazes
Five different maze patterns featuring characters associated with Halloween: Dracula, ghosts, spiders, witches and children Trick-or-Treating. Each one of these maze puzzles is available in black and white or color.

These print-friendly maze puzzles are in HTML format - just print and solve.

Printable Halloween Counting Mazes

Counting mazes are a variation of the maze puzzle where you start with the lowest number and work your way up to the highest. Kids can navigate these labyrinths while practicing their counting skills.

Spot the Difference Games

These visual puzzles are a good way for children to develop their observational skills.

In this online game Halloween Spot the Difference, you need to find the seven differences between the two images before the clock runs out. Watch out for loud sound effects.

Another online photo hunt game where you'll need to focus to spot all twelve Spooky Differences between the pictures.

The Spooky Graveyard Spot the Difference is a print-friendly version where you'll need to find the 8 differences between the two Halloween scenes. The solution can be found on the bottom of the page if you get stumped.

On the next page, you'll find encryption puzzles, word and memory games with a Halloween theme.

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