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Autumn Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Free Hidden Word Games to Play Online or Print


Solving word search puzzles can help kids improve their pattern recognition skills as well as their powers of perception. The free word search puzzles featured here all have various themes related to sports and activities that are enjoyed throughout the fall season.

For related activities, see our sections on Halloween word search puzzles, Thanksgiving word search puzzles, and Back-to-School Puzzles. Or, if you prefer a custom-designed game, you could try one of these free online resources for making your own word search puzzle.

Autumn Word Search Printables

For solving in the classroom or on the go, we have a number of autumn word search puzzles available for printing. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

Some of these free word search puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.

  • Autumn Word Search - Two autumn word search games are featured here. The easiest uses only six autumn-related words in a very small grid of letters, which makes it a great choice for beginners. The more challenging puzzle, in which 28 words are used, is better suited to children of middle school age. The puzzle is available in both B&W and color.
  • Autumn Word Search - Ten themed entries are hidden in a small grid in this easy word search game.
  • Fall Word Search - This puzzle features eleven words related to the fall season in a medium-sized grid.
  • Autumn Word Search - Fourteen autumn-themed words need finding in this easy word search worksheet.
  • Autumn Word Search - An easy word puzzle featuring 14 fall-related words in a small grid of letters.
  • Autumn Word Search - How many of the 16 autumn-themed words can you find in this free word search printable? Solution provided.
  • Fall Fest Word Search - General autumn vocabulary is featured in this 18-word puzzle.
  • Fall Wordsearch - There are 20 words associated with autumn to find in this word search game.
  • Apple Word Search - In this word search puzzle, the word list consists of 20 terms used to describe various characteristics of the apple, the life cycle of the fruit and ways in which they can be enjoyed. The grid is in the shape of , what else?, an apple. Color | B&W
  • Popular Apple Varieties Word Search - As implied, this game lists the names of 20 apple varieties hidden in an apple-shaped grid. Color | B&W
  • Autumn Word Find - See how seasonal-savvy you are by locating the 23 autumn-related words. The puzzle is available in three color schemes: color, grayscale, and B&W. Solution provided.
  • Squigly's Tree Word Search - The names of 24 types of trees appear in this word search printable.
  • Forbidden Fruit Word Search - Try to locate the names of the 26 types of apple hidden in the puzzle.
  • Autumn Word Search - See if you can find the 27 hidden words associated with the fall season in this large-print word search game.
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Autumn Word Search Games Online

For word search aficionados who prefer solving these puzzles on the computer, we have several online word search games.
  • Autumn Word Search - The easiest online game here, this puzzle features 12 fall-related words in a small grid of letters.
  • Fall Festivities Word Search - Here, you'll find a 17-word game using terms related to the coming of fall.
  • Apple Word Search - Twenty entries related to the cultivation of apples are hidden in a grid in the shape of an apple.
  • Apple Varieties Word Search - Find the names of 20 types of apples in the fruit-shaped grid.
  • Autumn Word Search - In this online game, 25 autumn-themed entries need to be found.
  • Apple Types Word Search - The names of 26 apple varieties are hidden in a medium-sized grid in this large-print word search.
  • Autumn Word Search - A word search game of medium difficulty where 27 autumn-related words are hidden in a large-print grid.

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Free Autumn Puzzles for Kids
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