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Autumn Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Free Crosswords to Play Online or Print


Children can practice their autumn vocabulary with these free crossword games using words related to the fall season.

Autumn Crossword Puzzles to Print

Parents and educators can use these free crossword worksheets to help teach children vocabulary words associated with the coming of fall. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest and working up to the most challenging.

Some of these crossword puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.

  • Autumn Crossword Puzzle - DLTK for Kids offers an easy crossword puzzle with an autumn theme for young solvers. The picture version of the crossword, featuring eight themed entries, is intended for preschoolers and children who are new to spelling. It comes with either picture clues alone, or picture clues with the associated word list. Older children can try their hand at the regular crossword, an eleven-word game with written clues. Both crossword puzzles are available in both B&W or color. Solution provided.
  • Autumn Crossword Puzzle - Ten clued entries pertaining to the fall season appear in this crossword game of medium difficulty. The solution to the puzzle appears in small print on the bottom of the printout.
  • Fall Crossword Puzzle - Twelve easy words associated with autumn appear in this crossword puzzle for beginners. The puzzle can be solved either by using the clued entries or the provided word list.
  • Fall Crossword Puzzle - The 18 words featured in this crossword game of medium difficulty all have to do with the autumn season.
  • Autumn Crossword Puzzle - This criss-cross puzzle features 38 clued entries, of which most relate to autumn. Solution provided.

Autumn Fill-in-the-Blank Crossword Puzzles

In these word puzzles, the list of words to insert in the grid is provided. The challenge is to determine where they should be placed in the grid.
  • Fall Crossword - This easy crossword game features six fall-related words to place in the grid. Solution provided.
  • Fall Crossword - Slightly more difficult, this puzzle has 10 four to nine-letter entries. Solution provided.
  • Fall Crossword - Fifteen autumn-themed entries appear in the most challenging version of the puzzle. Solution provided.
  • Autumn Fill-In Crossword - The most challenging fill-in-the-blank game here, this puzzle has a whopping 38 themed entries.

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Free Autumn Puzzles for Kids
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