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Christmas Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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These online and printable word search games are an excellent way for kids to practice their spelling and learn new Christmas vocabulary. Though most of these puzzles are fairly easy, some of them can be quite daunting.

Christmas Word Search Games
These themed word search games of medium difficulty can be played online or printed for solving anytime, anywhere.

Christmas Word Search Puzzles to Print

For classroom solving, we have a variety of free printable Christmas word search puzzles listed by difficulty level from very easy to challenging.

Several of these puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.

  • Christmas Word Search Puzzles - Four hidden word puzzles celebrating Christmas; a very easy 6-word Santa word search, a 10-word reindeer word search, a 15-word Nativity word search and a 20-word challenging Christmas word search. Each is available in either black and white or color.
  • Easy Christmas Word Search - An easy, 9-word puzzle with cute artwork and a small grid.
  • Christmas Nativity Wordsearch - This word search printout features ten Christmas words with a small number of letters in the grid.
  • Reindeer Word Search - The names of Santa's reindeer appear somewhere in this medium-sized grid.
  • Santa Wordsearch - This printable features 10 words related to Santa Claus and other holiday traditions.
  • Christmas Symbols Wordsearch - Find the 10 Christmas words hidden amongst quite a few letters.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas Wordsearch - The challenge is to find the 12 hidden words naming the gifts sent by "my true love".
  • Twelve Days of Christmas - In this easy word search game, you need to find the twelve gifts that were given in the popular Christmas carol.
  • Christmas Word Search - Twelve words related to celebrating Christmas can be found in this game of medium difficulty.
  • Nativity Word Search - This print-friendly word game of medium difficulty features 10 words relating to the Nativity.
  • Christmas Day Word Search - In this easy word seek game, 15 Christmas words are hidden in a small grid.
  • The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Word Search - This word game of medium difficulty features 16 words relating to the beloved Dr. Seuss tale.
  • Christmas Word Search Puzzles - This site offers 17 word search games with a Yuletide theme. The puzzles are of medium difficulty. Some can be printed without the word list for more of a challenge.
  • Santa Claus Word Search - 19 words related to Old Saint Nick are hidden in this word search game of medium difficulty.
  • Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzle - This word search printout features 20 holiday words in a medium-sized grid.
  • Christmas Decorations - The 20 words hidden in this word search game all have to do with tree ornaments and other Christmas decorations.
  • Baby Jesus Word Search - This themed word search game features 25 words related to the Christmas story.
  • Santa Claus around the World - The challenge in this 30-word game is to find the different names for Santa as he is known in various countries and languages.
  • Christmas Middies Word Search - 31 Christmas-themed words are hidden in the puzzle. Solution provided.
  • Christmas Deluxe Word Search - This fairly challenging word game features 31 Christmas words hidden in a large grid. Solution provided.
  • LDS Christmas Word Search - If you're looking for more challenging word search games, this 32-word game packs a lot of words into a fairly small grid.
  • Tree-Shaped Christmas Word Search - This challenging word search game features 38 Christmas-related words hidden in a tree-shaped grid.
  • Word Search Christmas Puzzle - Find the 39 Christmas words hidden in the print-friendly grid.
  • Christmas Word Search - In this challenging word game, 40 Christmas words are hidden in amongst a large jumble of letters.
  • Christmas Word Search - This word search game is doubly challenging. Once you've found and circled all 41 words in the word list, use the remaining letters to spell out a secret message.
  • Christmas Word Searches - At Super Word Search Puzzles, you'll find six themed word search games of varying difficulty levels. As an added bonus, once you've found all the words in the word list, see if you can answer the trivia question by locating a related word that is found in the puzzle, but does not appear in the word list.
  • Christmas Word Searches - If you're looking for the ultimate in word search challenges, try these tough word search games for advanced puzzle solvers.

On the next page, you'll find crossword puzzles celebrating the Yuletide season.

Free Christmas Puzzles for Kids
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