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Christmas Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Free Online and Printable Crosswords


These easy to challenging crossword games are a great way for children and second language learners to learn new words and practice their Christmas vocabulary in an enjoyable manner.

Christmas Crossword Puzzles to Print

Several of these crossword games are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.

  • Christmas Symbols Crossword - An easy, criss-cross puzzle with only 10 words. The list of words used in the puzzle is provided should you get stumped by the clues.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas Crossword - This easy crossword game uses 12 fairly short words in a freeform grid. The word list is provided.
  • Christmas Nativity Crossword - This 10-word crossword puzzle features 10 words related to the Christmas Story.
  • Santa and Other Traditions Crossword - Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman and other characters and symbols associated with the Christmas season are featured in this easy, 10-word crossword puzzle.
  • Christmas Crosswords - DLTK for Kids offers an easy Christmas crossword for young solvers. The picture version of the crossword is intended for preschoolers and children who are new to spelling. Older children can use the verbal clues to solve the puzzle. Available in black and white or color.
  • Christmas Crossword Puzzle - This 10-word crossword puzzle features a free-form grid in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • Christmas Day Crossword - 14 Christmas-related words are featured in this freeform crossword puzzle. Solution provided.
  • Christmas Word Puzzle - Here's a 16-word Christmas crossword of medium difficulty.
  • Christmas Crossword Puzzle Game - 18 Christmas vocabulary words are used in this crossword game of medium difficulty.
  • Christmas Middies Crossword - This crossword puzzle of medium difficulty has 20 themed entries. Solution provided.
  • Christmas Deluxe Crossword - 30 words related to Christmas legends, the Nativity, and literature can be found in this challenging crossword game. Solution provided.
  • Squigly's Christmas Crossword - Here's a Christmas crossword with a twist. Solve the 35-word puzzle, then rearrange the circled letters to discover the mystery word.

Free Christmas Crossword Puzzles to Play Online

The Christmas Story Crossword Puzzle
An interactive criss-cross puzzle with a religious theme.

Christmas Crossword
Easy, online crossword puzzle from The Kidz Page.

You'll find free Christmas jigsaw puzzles on the next page.

Free Christmas Puzzles for Kids
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