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Christmas Maze Puzzles, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Spot the Difference Games


Here's an enjoyable way for kids to develop their observation skills. These mazes, hidden picture games, and spot the difference puzzles celebrating Christmas can printed or played online.

Christmas Maze Puzzles
Kids will enjoy helping Santa Claus, the elves, snowmen, Baby Jesus and other Christmas characters find their way through these printable maze puzzles.

Christmas Spot the Difference Games

Printable Christmas Spot the Difference Games
There are 8 differences in each of the 4 spot-the-difference games found here: Christmas Pudding Puzzle, Christmas Stocking Puzzle, Christmas Tree, Winter Igloo. These puzzles are fairly easy and feature line drawings rather than photographs.

Online Christmas Spot the Difference
Can you spot the seven differences between the two pictures before the clock runs out? Watch out for loud sound effects.

Santa Spot the Difference
Find the 10 differences between the two Santas in this printable puzzle.

Where are the Holiday Cakes?
Look carefully to find the holiday cakes and other holiday items in the picture.

Snowman Hidden Picture Puzzle
Frosty and Family go a-caroling in this printable hidden picture game by artist Liz Ball.

Christmas memory games to play on your computer as well as counting and word games to print and solve can be found on the next page.

Free Christmas Puzzles for Kids
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