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Cinco de Mayo Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Free Online or Printable Crosswords


Kids' Spanish Puzzles

Kids' Spanish Puzzles

Crosswords are a great way to develop vocabulary skills and have fun, too! These easy to challenging crossword games are a great way for children and second language learners to learn new words and practice their Spanish vocabulary in an enjoyable manner.

Cinco de Mayo Crossword Puzzles to Print

Children of all ages can enjoy these free crossword games. Parents and educators can print them out for offline solving.
  • Mexico Crossword Puzzle - A very simple crossword puzzle with six themed entries.
  • Cinco de Mayo Crossword Puzzle - An easy, criss-cross puzzle with only eleven words. This crossword game can solved as a regular crossword using the clues or as a fill-in-the-blank crossword as the list of words used is provided.
  • Mexico Crossword - This criss-cross game uses a word list related to the country of Mexico. Note that some of the entries are fairly long.
  • Cinco de Mayo Crossword with Answer Key - This easy crossword game uses twenty fairly short words in a freeform grid. The word list is provided.

Cinco de Mayo Crossword Puzzles to Play Online

For students of Spanish as a first or second language, puzzles and word games to introduce and help reinforce Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

All About Mexico Crossword Game
This interactive crossword puzzle covers much of Mexico's culture and geography. Choose "Easy Mode" to highlight incorrect entries.

Spanish Crossword Games
Reinforce your Spanish vocabulary with these interactive crossword games. Find the Spanish word that corresponds to the clue in English. There's a hint feature if you get stuck.

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You'll find free jigsaw puzzles featuring scenes and symbols of Mexico on the next page.

Free Cinco de Mayo Puzzles for Kids
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