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Spring Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Free Online or Printable Crosswords


These easy to challenging crossword puzzles are a fun way for children and second language learners to bone up on their springtime vocabulary.

Spring Crossword Puzzles to Print

These printable crossword games worksheets make a great classroom activity.
  • Spring Crossword Puzzle - This easy crossword game is of the fill-in-the-blank variety, where the word list is given and the child must arrange the words to fit in the grid. A picture version of the puzzle is available for very young readers. Print and solve in either B & W or color.
  • Spring Crossword for Beginners - Only 7 words associated with the spring season appear in this fill-in-the-blank crossword puzzle.
  • Spring Crossword - In this easy crossword game, there are only 8 entries with a seasonal theme.
  • Spring Crossword - Fit the 10 seasonal words into the grid in this fill-in-the-blank crossword puzzle.
  • Spring Crossword - An easy, criss-cross crossword with only 10 themed entries. The list of words used in the puzzle appears at the bottom of the page should the solver get stumped by the clues.
  • Spring Crossword - Test your knowledge of the spring season by solving this themed crossword puzzle.
  • April Crossword - A 10-word puzzle featuring words related to common occurances in the month of April. Solution provided.
  • April Crossword - 16 entries relating to warmer weather are found in this crossword puzzle.
  • Squigly's Spring Crossword - To solve this crossword, you need to figure out the 19 clues and place them in the freeform grid.
  • Spring Weather Crossword - 22 weather-related words appear in this crossword game for elementary level students. Solution provided.
  • Spring Jumbo Crossword - This crossword game boasts of 53 themed entries in a lattice-style grid. This puzzle is best suited to older children and adults.
  • Spring Crossword - Unlike the other puzzles found here, this themed crossword by Frank Longo used the standard, American-style grid found in most North American publications. This puzzle from the New York Times Learning Network is a good choice for students at the high school level and adults. Solution provided.
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Free Spring Puzzles for Kids
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