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Spring Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Free Jigsaw Puzzle Games to Play on Your Computer


Looking for free spring jigsaw puzzles for the kids to play online? Young puzzlers will enjoy piecing together these free online jigsaw puzzles featuring flowers and other themes related to the coming of Spring.
  • Flower Jigsaw Puzzles - These flower jigsaw puzzles feature three-dimensional pieces for a more interesting game. The "easy" jigsaw games have approximately 45 pieces and are a good choice for younger jigsaw fans. The "medium" puzzles, meant for older children, have about 90 pieces and the "hard" ones 150 or more. Choose from a selection of 15 pictures of beautiful flowers.
  • Crocus Jigsaw Puzzle -This easy 20-piece online jigsaw puzzle game would be better without the annoying sound effects.
  • Spring Jigsaw Puzzle - This 20-piece jigsaw puzzle depicting a tree in full bloom uses the Jigzone interface.
  • Spring Jigsaw Puzzles - Eight jigsaw puzzles featuring the flowers of spring are featured here. These Jigzone puzzles have 48 pieces, but the piece cut and number of pieces is under the control of the user.
  • Spring Jigsaw Puzzle - This jigsaw game features a young couple enjoying the sweet smell of apple blossoms. You can adjust the difficulty level of this puzzle from a very easy 9-piece cut to a challenging 210-piece cut.

If you like picture puzzles, you'll enjoy the printable mazes, hidden pictures, and spot the difference puzzles on the next page.

Free Spring Puzzles for Kids
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