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Spring Word Scrambles, Counting and Memory Games for Kids


On this page, you'll find free connect-the-dot activities for preschoolers and kids of primary school age, as well as anagram puzzles and cryptograms for older children.

Spring Dot-to-Dot Games

Spring Word Scramble Games

To solve these letter games, the child must be able to identify the individual letters as well as have a large enough reading vocabulary to recognize the unscrambled word.
  • Spring Word Scramble - Eight springtime words need unscrambling in this easy puzzle worksheet for beginners. An image depicting the anagrammed word appears as a solving aid.
  • Spring Word Scramble - Unscramble the words, then take the circled letters and unscramble them to discover the secret word.
  • Spring Word Jumble - Find the 16 themed entries in the cute, butterfly-shaped grid.
  • Spring Unscramble - Unscramble the words to discover the secret message.

Miscellaneous Spring Puzzle Games

I hope you've enjoyed these free puzzles and activities. Feel free to share them with your friends.

Free Spring Puzzles for Kids
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