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Winter Word Search Puzzles

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Kids' Word Search Puzzles

Kids' Word Search Puzzles

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Free word search puzzles with various themes related to winter holidays, sports and activities, warm clothing, snow and other things associated with cold weather.

Winter Fun Word Search
Let it snow! See if you can find the hidden words associated with winter. Play online.

Snow Word Word Search
Hidden in the puzzle are 17 words beginning with the word snow. Can you find them all? Print.

Make a Winter Word Search Puzzle
Students can make their own word search puzzles for the holidays. Here's how.

Here are some printable word search puzzles with a frosty theme.

These word search puzzles feature popular winter sports and activities. These free printable puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here. On the next page, you'll find crossword puzzles celebrating the joys of winter.

Holiday Puzzles for Kids
A selection of free crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and online games to keep children amused and entertained this holiday season.

Free Winter Puzzles for Kids
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