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US Presidents Word Search Puzzles

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These free word search puzzles feature word lists related to the nation's chief executive and his office. We also have word games devoted to individuals who have served in that capacity. These puzzles are ranked in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

Presidents Day Word Search Puzzles to Print

For classroom solving, here are some word search puzzles to print and solve. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.
  • Abraham Lincoln Wordsearch - This word game has a list of ten words consisting of people, places or things associated with America's 16th President.
  • George Washington Wordsearch - Ten words associated with the first President of the United States appear in this word search game. For easy word search games using vocabulary related to other U.S. Presidents, follow the link here.
  • George Washington Word Search Match - In this puzzle, you need to match the ten words in the list with the clues below the puzzle. Then, find the words in the grid of jumbled letters. Solution provided.
  • Andrew Jackson Word Search - Fifteen words associated with the life and times of the seventh President are hidden in a large grid of letters.
  • Truman Word Search - From the Truman Library, a fifteen-word game about the nation's 33rd President.
  • Presidents Word Search Puzzles - Here, you'll find an eight-page booklet featuring various word searches in which the last names of the men who have served as President are featured. The Presidents are listed in the order in which they served. Each puzzle also has a couple of trivia questions about one of the entries. Solutions provided. If you have trouble viewing the content, try clicking on the link that reads "Turn off this Top Frame" in the top center of the page.
  • Presidents Word Find - The full names of twenty U.S. Presidents appear in a large grid of letters in this word game of medium difficulty.
  • Abraham Lincoln Word Search Match - Here's a word search with an interesting twist, not only do you need to find the words in the grid, but you must also match them with the clues appearing below the puzzle. Twenty words associated with "Honest Abe" are used here.
  • President Word Search - The full names of 29 of the former occupants of the Oval Office need finding in this printable word puzzle. Solution provided.
  • US Presidents Word Search Puzzle - The names of all those who have served as President are featured in this challenging word search game.
  • U.S. Presidents Word Search - This word search also lists the names of current and former U.S. leaders, but the grid in which they are hidden is fairly small.
  • Presidential Word Search - The word list for this puzzle contains the names of forty former Presidents. Solution provided.

Presidents Day Word Search Games to Play Online

  • President's Day Word Search - The names of ten presidents are selected at random and incorporated into an easy word search puzzle to play online. The puzzle can also be printed, simply right-click the puzzle grid to get the menu featuring this option. Similar word search games for each of the forty-three U.S. Presidents can also be found here.
  • US Presidents Word Search Puzzle - Find the last names of of all current and former U.S. Presidents hidden in the word puzzle. Play game online or print and solve on paper.
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US Presidents Puzzles for Kids
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