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US Presidents Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Free Online or Printable Crosswords


Crosswords are a great way to develop vocabulary skills, learn new words and have fun, too! These crossword puzzles with a presidential theme are a useful tool in teaching children about the office of the Presidency and those who have served in it.

Printable Presidents Day Crossword Puzzles

Teachers and home educators can print these puzzles out for solving offline. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.
  • Abraham Lincoln Crossword - Ten words and phrases, some fairly long, relating to the life and times of "Honest Abe". The word bank is listed below for assistance if needed.
  • George Washington Crossword - America's first President is the theme of this ten-word criss-cross for beginners.
  • Presidents of the United States Worksheets - For crosswords, vocabulary games and coloring pages featuring other U.S. Presidents, check out this and other resources available at About Homeschooling.
  • George Washington Crossword - An easy crossword game for beginners, this puzzle has ten themed entries in a freeform-style grid. The vocabulary words used in the puzzle are provided for assistence should the child have difficulty figuring out the clues. Solution provided.
  • Abraham Lincoln Crossword - This crossword game of medium difficulty features 20 words and phrases associated with the nation's 16th President. Solution provided.
  • Barack Obama Crossword - Fifteen entries relating to the 44th President of the United States appear in this crossword puzzle of medium difficulty.

Presidents Day Crossword Puzzles to Play Online

Presidential trivia fans can play these free themed crossword games on the computer. The puzzles featured here are more challenging than the printables above and are better suited to older children and adults.
  • Presidents of the Twentieth Century Crossword - How well do you know your U.S. Presidents? See if you can deduce the name of the former President in each of the fifteeen clues featured this freeform crossword game. The crossword puzzle is also available in print. You'll find a link to the solution at the bottom of the page.
  • Presidential Puzzle, Part 1 - Work out the clues to learn interesting trivia about each American president from George Washington to Chester Arthur.
  • Presidential Puzzle, Part 2 - The second crossword puzzle in this series features trivia about each American president from Grover Cleveland to George W. Bush.
  • Presidential Parade Crossword -You'll need to be well-versed in Presidential trivia to solve this criss-cross game. The puzzle is fairly challenging and best suited for secondary level students and adults. Play it online or print for solving offline. Solution provided.
  • United States Presidents Crossword - This crossword from the New York Times Learning Network uses the standard, American-style grid and is packed with trivia clues about various Presidents. Good for children and adults, the puzzle may be played online or printed for offline solving.
  • Presidents' Day Crossword - From Infoplease, another themed American-style crossword to test your Presidential perspicacity. Fun for crossword fans of all ages. Solution provided.

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US Presidents Puzzles for Kids
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