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Summer Mazes, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Dot-to-Dot Games


Crosswords for Kids

Crosswords for Kids

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Children just learning to read can still benefit from puzzle games and activities. Here, you'll find various puzzle games featuring pictures and numbers for younger solvers, including maze puzzles, spot the differences, hidden picture games and dot-to-dot activities.

Printable Maze Puzzles

For children, solving maze puzzles has certain benefits such as improving concentration and strategic planning skills. The following games explore various summertime activities, such as picnics, ice cream, and a day at the beach. Elsewhere on the Web, you can find more print-friendly maze puzzles to print and solve.
  • Summer Fun Beach Blanket Maze - Help the boy find his way through all the sunbathers to the spot where he left his beach blanket.
  • Sun-Shaped Maze - The little girl needs to navigate through the sun-shaped maze to get to her brother in this puzzle of medium difficulty.
  • Ice Cream Cone Shaped Maze - Can you help the mom and kids find their way through the maze to the frozen treats on the other side?

Counting Mazes

Kids can navigate these labyrinths and practice their counting at the same time. Simply start with the lowest number and count sequentially to arrive at the objective to be reached.

Summer Connect-the-Dots

A favorite activity for young children, dot-to-dot puzzles are a fun way for kids to learn basic counting skills. Here are some printable dot-to-dot puzzles with summertime themes. The puzzles are listed from the easiest to the most difficult.
  • Summer Dot-to-Dots - Five dot-to-dot games can be found here, featuring summertime themes such as beach balls, sunshine, camping and ice cream. None of these puzzles requires a knowledge of numbers greater than 35.
  • Summer Dot-to-Dot Activities - This page offers six connect-the-dot activity pages featuring a kite, flip-flops, butterfly and more ranging from 15 to 27 dots.
  • Kite Dot-to-Dot - This super simple connect-the-dots game uses the letters "A" through "E".
  • Ice Cream Cone Dot-to-Dot - A very easy game which uses the letters "A" through "I".
  • Sunshine Dot-to-Dot - Count up to 12 to complete this easy dot-to-dot game.
  • Ice Cream Cone Dot-to-Dot - A more challenging game in which the child needs to know his numbers up to 41.
  • Summer Sun Dot-to-Dot - The most challenging puzzle featured here, this one requires children to know their numbers up to 56.

Summer Hidden Pictures and Spot the Difference Puzzles

Playing hidden picture games is a good way for children to develop their observation skills. Below, you'll find online games and printable puzzles on which youngsters can test their observation skills.

On the next page, you'll find encryption puzzles, word and memory games with a summertime theme.

Free Summer Puzzles for Kids
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