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Summer Word Scrambles, Cryptograms and Memory Games


Crosswords for Kids

Crosswords for Kids

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On these page, you'll find various puzzles and activities with a summertime theme, including encryption puzzles or cryptograms, word scramble games, memory games and other fun puzzles celebrating summer.

Summer Cryptogram Puzzles

These puzzles use a simple substitution cipher to encrypt a message with a timely theme.

Summer Memory Games

Whether played on the computer or on a desk or table with flash cards, daily brain training activities such as playing Concentration can help improve memory and attentiveness in children, older adults and the learning disabled. The following games use images related to summer.
  • Summer Match Game - An easy online version of Concentration in which you need to match nine different summertime pictures.
  • Summer Concentration - Slightly more challenging, in this game you need to match ten symbols of summer in order to discover the picture underneath.
  • Printable Summer Concentration - Print out the memory cards for an offline version to play with friends and family.

More Summer Word Games

Summer Word Jumbles
Here, you'll find several lists of scrambled words with themes such as summer, baseball, and the beach. The game can either be played online, or the puzzles can be printed and solved on paper. Solutions to the puzzles are provided.

Squigly's Letter Drop
Enter the letters provided in the proper order in each column to decipher the special safety message.

Summer Fun Picture Sudoku
An easy, printable 6x6 Sudoku game where kids place the pictures in such a way that every row, column, and block contain only one of each.

I hope you've enjoyed these free puzzles and activities. Feel free to share them with your friends.

Free Summer Puzzles for Kids
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