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Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Free Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Games


Jigsaw puzzles make a wonderful learning game by encouraging analytical, abstract, and problem solving skills. They can also help a child develop eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness. This page points you to dozens of online and printable Thanksgiving jigsaw puzzle games featuring pumpkins, turkeys, cornucopias, Pilgrims and more.

If you're looking for easy jigsaw puzzles to print, then take a look at DLTK Kids Printable Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles. This website offers about a dozen Thanksgiving-themed jigsaw puzzle templates for children to print out and cut apart. These puzzles range in difficulty from a very easy 4-piece game to a more challenging 11-piece puzzle. The puzzles, available in either B&W or color, feature timely themes such as pilgrim boy and girl, pumpkins, cornucopia and of course, turkeys.

Online Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Play these free Thanksgiving jigsaw puzzles right on your computer.
  • Animated Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle - Billy Bear for Kids has seven animated flash puzzles with a Thanksgiving theme. The puzzles come in three difficulty levels, 9 pcs, 25 pcs and 49 pcs.
  • JigZone Gallery - Thanksgiving - Here, you'll find 10 jigsaw puzzles for Thanksgiving. You can select the piece cut and number of pieces to get a customized jigsaw puzzle anywhere from 6 to 247 pieces.
  • Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle - This 20-piece jigsaw puzzle from Jigzone features a proud tom turkey.
  • Walking Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle - This is a cute little puzzle, but the sound effects can be pretty annoying.
  • Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles - Also from DLTK Kids, five easy jigsaw puzzles to play online. Puzzle themes include the horn of plenty, harvest, ships, turkey and pumpkins. These puzzles use the JigZone interface and are therefore customizable.

On the next page, you'll find maze puzzles to print and solve, spot the difference puzzles, and dot-to-dot games with themes related to the Thanksgiving celebration.

Free Thanksgiving Puzzles for Kids
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