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Thanksgiving Mazes, Dot-to-Dots and Hidden Picture Games


Younger children that haven't yet mastered reading can still benefit from puzzle games and activities. Try these tour puzzles, counting puzzles and hidden object games for some Thanksgiving Day fun that doesn't require good spelling or the memorization of vocabulary words.

Printable Maze Puzzles

Activity Village offers some nice maze puzzles in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Recommended. These print-friendly maze puzzles are in HTML format - just print and solve.

Printable Counting Mazes

Counting mazes are a variation of the maze puzzle where you start with the lowest number and work your way up to the highest. Kids can navigate these labyrinths while practicing their counting skills.

Thanksgiving Hidden Picture Puzzles

Highlights for Kids is a great place to go to find free online and printable hidden object games. Here are a few topical ones to print and solve.

Thanksgiving Connect-the-Dots

Playing dot-to-dot puzzles is a fun way for preschoolers to learn basic counting skills. Here are some printable dot-to-dot puzzles featuring themes associated with the Thanksgiving Day celebration.
  • Thanksgiving Dot to Dot Printable - Seven printable dot-to-dot activities can be found here, most of them very easy. They include an easy and a challenging turkey puzzle, pilgrims and a cornucopia.
  • Thanksgiving Puzzle Placemat - This printable activity features a turkey dot-to-dot, a word search game and some fun facts about the holiday.
  • Turkey Dot-to-Dot - An easy connect-the-dots activity using the letters "a" to "s".
  • Pumpkin Dot-to-Dot - In this game, the child must connect the dots marked with the letters "a" to "z".

On the next page, you'll find seasonal word scrambles, encryption puzzles, riddles and more with a Thanksgiving Day theme.

Free Thanksgiving Puzzles for Kids
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