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Valentine Maze Puzzles, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Spot the Difference Games


Personal Photo Puzzles

Personalized Valentine Puzzles

These printable mazes, hidden picture, and spot the difference puzzles are a great way for kids to develop their observation skills.

Valentine's Day Maze Puzzles
Kids will love puzzling their way through these printable maze puzzles featuring hearts, Cupid, valentine cards and other subjects associated with St. Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Connect-the-Dots
A favorite activity for young children, these Connect-the-Dot puzzles are a fun way for kids to learn basic counting skills.

Rebus Valentines
Can you read these picture puzzles?

Valentine Spot the Differences

  • Valentine Spot the Difference - Online puzzle game. Find the differences between the two pictures before the time runs out.
  • Meet My Valentine - Each scene is presented as 2 pages from the book and you have to find the five differences between them. This game is easy and a good choice for children of primary school age.
  • Devilish Valentine - Find the six differences between the two pictures to reveal a devilish story.
  • Valentine Spot the Differences - Find the differences between the two pictures. Print.
  • Valentines Day Spot the Difference - In this easy spot-the-difference printable for preschooler, the child is asked to find and circle the ten differences between the two images. The solution to the puzzle appears in small print on the bottom of the worksheet.

Valentine Hidden Picture Puzzle Games
Play these hidden picture games on your computer or print and solve on paper.

  • Hidden Conversation Hearts - In this online game, the object is to find all the conversation hearts hidden in the picture of in five minutes or less. This game is of medium difficulty and probably better suited to children of middle school age.

Memory games, word ladders, cryptograms and other easy puzzle games with a Valentine's Day theme can be found on the next page.

Free Valentine Puzzles for Kids
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