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Autumn Puzzles for Kids

Easy Puzzle Games for Younger Solvers


The summer is winding to a close, and the lazy, relaxing days spent at the beach or on vacation fade into distant memories as we get back into the usual pattern of going to school or work. For fun kids' activities to offset the seriousness of the season, try these easy crossword puzzles, word search games, jigsaw puzzles and more with themes related to autumn holidays, sports and games.

These puzzles and games are meant for young children or older students learning English vocabulary words. If you're looking for more challenging puzzles and games, visit Autumn Puzzles for Adults.

Autumn Word Search Games

Solving a word search puzzle is good way for kids to practice pattern recognition skills, increase their vocabulary and improve their spelling. If you're teaching autumn vocabulary and are looking for an online game or a printable worksheet to use in the classroom, check out the free word search games at Autumn Word Search Puzzles for Kids. These puzzles, ranging in difficulty from a super simple six-word puzzle to to a fairly challenging 27-word game, cover various themes related to sports, activities and holidays that are enjoyed throughout the fall season.

Autumn Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a great tool for kids of all ages to use to learn new words, their definitions, and how they're spelled. The easy crossword printables at Autumn Crossword Puzzles for Kids will help children or students of a second language learn new words related to the fall season. Here, you'll find a variety of crossword puzzle games, such as picture crossword puzzles for young readers, regular criss-cross games with clues pertaining to the autumn season, and fill-in-the-blank games where the word list is already given, but the challenge is to figure out where to insert them in the grid. The puzzles range in difficulty from an easy, eight-word game to a challenging autumn crossword with 38 entries.

Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles

Piecing together jigsaw puzzles helps children develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and pattern recognition skills. Our section on Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids features several free 20 to 120-piece jigsaw puzzles depicting colorful autumn landscapes and seasonal holidays to play online. Themes include fall foliage, scarecrows, pumpkins, the harvest and other subjects related to the fall season.

Autumn Activities for Early Readers

Young children who haven't yet mastered reading can still enjoy solving puzzles. At Autumn Mazes, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Dot-to-Dot Activities, we have a number of free puzzle activities with themes pertaining to autumn; regular and counting maze puzzles to print and solve, connect-the-dot puzzles for kids just learning to count, as well as spot the difference and hidden picture games to play online or print.

Miscellaneous Autumn Puzzles and Activities

You'll find an assortment of themed puzzles and activities at Autumn Word Scrambles, Cryptograms and Memory Games. Kids can apply their logic skills to solve the cryptograms, work on their memory retention with the online concentration games, or use deductive reasoning to rearrange the jumbled letters to arrive at the autumn-themed words.

Autumn Holiday Fun

There's lots to celebrate in the fall season. Enjoy these amusing activities with a timely theme.
  • Labor Day Puzzles - This holiday, celebrated in the U.S. on the first Monday in September, is dedicated to workers and their contribution to society. Bone up on your Labor Day vocabulary with these free crossword games, word search puzzles, word games and more.
  • Back to School Puzzles - With the arrival of fall comes the return to the classroom. These themed puzzles and games are a painless way to get children back into learning mode.
  • Grandparents' Day Puzzles - This secular holiday has been celebrated in the U.S. since 1978. Kids can solve these puzzles and games honoring their progenitors on their own or with Grandma and Gramps.
  • Columbus Day Puzzles for Kids - On the second Monday in October, Americans celebrate Columbus Day, a holiday to commemorate the arrival of European explorer, Christopher Columbus, in the Americas. Learn about Columbus and his travels with these free puzzle printables and online activities.
  • Halloween Puzzles for Kids - Halloween is probably the autumn holiday most enjoyed by kids in the USA. Get a head start on the fun with these spook-tacular word, picture and number puzzles.
  • Thanksgiving Puzzles for Kids - Looking for some puzzles and games to keep the kids amused and occupied while you prepare the Thanksgiving Day feast? These puzzles all have themes related to Thanksgiving, such as pilgrims, bountiful harvests, Indians and more.
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