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Labor Day Puzzles for Kids

Easy Puzzle Games for Younger Solvers


In the United States, the first Monday in September is set aside to observe Labor Day, an annual holiday dedicated to the American worker. These free children's puzzles and games are a fun way to teach kids about the holiday, its history and what it stands for.

Labor Day Word Search Puzzles

Playing games such as word search puzzles helps children learn new vocabulary words and their spelling. For word games with themes related to the celebration of Labor Day, see our section on Labor Day Word Searches for Kids. The puzzles, listed in order of difficulty from the easiest to the most challenging, range in difficulty from a very easy six-word game to a fairly challenging, 33-word puzzle. Most of these games are print-friendly worksheets, although some can be played online.

Labor Day Crossword Puzzles

Solving crossword puzzles is another method by which children can increase their vocabulary and perfect their spelling. At Labor Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids, we have a number of printable crossword worksheets using terminology associated with the celebration of Labor Day.

Labor Day Quizzes and Word Games

How knowledgable are you when it comes to Labor Day? If you'd like to test your knowledge about the origins of the holiday and its significance, visit Labor Day Quizzes, Cryptograms and Word Scramble Games. The page will also direct you to various scramble word games using Labor Day terms as well as cryptogram puzzles that, once solved, will spell out a secret Labor Day message.

More September Holiday Puzzles

The month of September is a busy time for families. Listed below, you'll find many entertaining puzzles and activities dedicated to holidays and special occasions that take place during the month.
  • Back to School Puzzles - It's time to hit the books! For a fun way to get back into the schoolday routine, try these themed word puzzles and other puzzle games.
  • Grandparents Day Puzzles - Since 1978, the Sunday following Labor Day has been designated as Grandparents Day, a day set aside to educate young people about the important contributions made by seniors and the help and guidance they can offer the youth of today. Enjoy these free puzzles and games which focus on grandparents and their role in society.
  • Autumn Puzzles - Each year, on or around the 22nd of September, the autumnal equinox occurs. For your puzzling pleasure, we offer dozens of puzzles celebrating the start of the harvest season.
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