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Summer Puzzles for Kids

Easy Puzzle Games for Younger Solvers


Kids will enjoy these easy crosswords, word searches, jigsaw puzzles and other puzzling games with themes related to summertime holidays and activities.

Summer Word Search Puzzles

For young word search fans, we have a variety of free Summer Word Search Games to play on the computer or to print and solve at the beach or on a road trip. These word puzzles cover several different summertime themes, including things to see and do at the beach, summer and water sports, cool summertime treats, and other objects or activities that are commonly seen during the summer season. These word games vary in difficulty from easy nine-word puzzles for young readers to a 44-word puzzle to challenge older students and adults. The majority of these puzzles are meant for printing, however, there are a few games to play on the computer. There are also puzzles in Spanish for those who are learning the language of Cervantes.

Summer Crossword Puzzles

Looking for a fun way to get kids to learn and practice vocabulary words related to the summer season? Then, check out these free Summer Crossword Puzzles for Kids. We offer several very easy crossword printables using the criss-cross format commonly used in educational crosswords. You'll find crossword puzzles ranging in difficulty from simple picture crosswords for very young readers to a challenging 38-word crossword for older students and adults. Great for vocabulary review and comprehension.

Summer Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful learning game for children as they encourage kids to develop analytical, abstract, and problem solving skills. Jigsaw games can also help a child develop eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness. At Summer Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids, you'll find free jigsaw puzzles featuring games and activities enjoyed throughout the summer season.

Summer Mazes, Hidden Pictures and Dot-to-Dot Games

Younger children that haven't yet mastered reading can still benefit from puzzle games and activities. Try the traditional maze puzzles, counting mazes, connect-the-dot activities and hidden object games at Summer Mazes, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Dot-to-Dot Activities for some summertime fun that doesn't require good spelling or the memorization of vocabulary words.

Summer Puzzle Games

At Summer Word Scrambles, Cryptograms and Memory Games, you'll find a number of puzzling activities for children of middle school age, such as word scramble games using words pertaining to the summer season, cryptograms on which budding code-breakers can hone their skills, as well as miscellaneous puzzles and activities with seasonal themes.

Summer Holiday Fun

There's lots to celebrate during the summer season. Enjoy these amusing activities with themes pertaining to various holidays that occur during the summer months.
  • Father's Day Puzzles for Kids - Celebrate Father's Day with these free puzzles and games honoring dear old Dad!
  • Canada Day Puzzles for Kids - On the first of July, Canada celebrates its confederation, the day in which it became a country in its own right. For your puzzling pleasure, we have assembled a number of crossword puzzles, word searches, quizzes, jigsaw puzzles and more with themes pertaining to Canada.
  • 4th of July Puzzles for Kids - These free puzzles look at the fun as well as the historical aspects of this holiday celebrating U.S. independence.
  • Labor Day Puzzles - Celebrate Labor Day with these free crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word games and more.
  • Back to School Puzzles - Much as we'd like it to, the summer season won't last forever. Then, it's back to school for another year of study. Try these themed puzzles and games for a fun way to get back into the swing of things.
  • Grandparents' Day Puzzles - Now Grandma and Grandpa have a holiday all their own. Enjoy these puzzles and games with a Grandparents' Day theme.
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