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Geo Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles - Europe

Geo Puzzles - Europe

When Bob Galinsky wanted to find an attractive, accurate and engaging geographical puzzle for his 5 year-old son Alex, he could not believe that a variety of them were not available at local toy stores, or online. "Like many parents, I had bought my son a puzzle of the United States, and I was amazed at how quickly he learned the names of each state," Galinsky said. "So when I tried to purchase similar puzzles of Europe, Asia, Africa and other regions around the world, I was stunned to find nothing out there."

Galinsky, who has a background in product development and marketing, decided to apply his professional expertise to address the situation. He teamed up with Karina Cutler-Lake, an art professor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and they worked together to design the GeoPuzzle™, a 55 piece puzzle where the individual pieces are shaped like the nations of Europe. "The average American can only identify 18 of the 192 countries in the world", Galinsky added, "and I think that’s because geography seems like a very abstract thing to most kids. Our goal with the GeoPuzzle™ is to make learning geography a fun, tactile, problem-solving experience." The GeoPuzzle™ provides children with a fun, hands-on way to learn geography, and offers an easy, affordable, and unique gift idea. More importantly, the GeoPuzzle™ is an accurate, up-to-date map which fills an important gap in the landscape of educational toys.

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