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Piecing together a jigsaw puzzle is a great family activity that's fun for all ages. For those who love animals, we have a wide selection of jigsaw puzzles featuring birds, dogs, cats, as well as wild and exotic animals for you to piece together by yourself or with friends. Happy puzzling!

If you prefer piecing together jigsaw puzzles on the computer, we have a variety of free animal jigsaw puzzles to play online.

Animal Floor Puzzles

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

Kids will enjoy piecing together these easy jigsaw puzzles featuring their favorite animal friends. These colorfully illustrated floor puzzles have very large pieces, making it easy for younger puzzlers to manipulate them. These puzzle games, most of which have 48 pieces or less, are meant for children who are just starting to play with puzzles.

Easy Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Children - Ages 3 to 6

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

These jigsaw puzzles are perfect for young animal lovers. These puzzles have 100 pieces or less and larger, easy-to-manipulate puzzle pieces.

Animal Puzzles for Children - Ages 5 and Up

Image courtesy of Price Grabber.
These jigsaw puzzles are perfect for young animal lovers who are looking for more of a challenge. Most of these puzzles have between 60 and 300 pieces and are meant for puzzlers between the ages of 5 and 10.

Bird Jigsaw Puzzles

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com
If you're a bird-watcher who also enjoys jigsaw puzzles, then here's a selection of jigsaw puzzles featuring favorite feathered friends. Subjects include cardinals, hummingbirds, bluebirds, flamingos, parrots, birds of prey and many other wild winged creatures.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles

Image courtesy of AreYouGame.com
If you're looking for a puzzles for a dinosaur fan, check out this selection. Here, you'll find dinosaur-themed puzzles for all ages: from toddlers to teens.

Fish and Marine Life

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com
Fish, dolphins, whales and other creatures of the deep are featured in this series of jigsaw puzzles.

Horse Jigsaw Puzzles

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com
If you're passionate about horses and also enjoy relaxing with a jigsaw puzzle, then take a peek at this selection of easy to elaborate equine jigsaw puzzles.

Kittens and Cats

It's a Purrfect Day
Image courtesy of KazooToys.com
Love cats? Or looking for a special gift for someone who does? Our jigsaw puzzle gift guide for cat lovers has a nice selection of jigsaw puzzle gifts featuring sweet, cuddly kittens and cool cats for folks fascinated by our feline friends.

Puppies and Dogs

Image courtesy of Spilsbury.com
Man's best friend is featured here in this selection of jigsaw puzzles. Whether your tastes are geared towards playful puppies or older dogs, these charming canines are sure to bring you hours of puzzling fun.

Wild Animals

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com
If you like jigsaw puzzles portraying animals in the wild, then you'll enjoy these jigsaws featuring friends of the forest or the exotic fauna of Africa.
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