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Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles


Want to design and create your own jigsaw puzzle? Or organize a fun activity for kids in the classroom or a party? Here you'll find blank, pre-cut jigsaw puzzles of various sizes that you can color or paint to create your own masterpiece. Or, if you prefer to use the computer, there's software available to do just that.

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

Image courtesy of Hearthsong.com
Attach your work of art to this kit's special adhesive foam boards, then cut them into pieces with the puzzle-making machine,

Create Your Own Puzzle with Pencil Crayons

Children can be creative and draw their own images on these thick, high quality cardboard tray puzzles. Now little artists (and big ones too) can create their own puzzle. These blank puzzles are made with high quality board and are sturdy enough for paints. Includes 18 pencil crayons. Intended for children over 12 months.
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