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Jigsaw Puzzles for Children: Ages 5 to 10

Older children can also benefit from piecing together jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles can help children develop and enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as assisting them in improving their ability to concentrate. Most of these puzzles have between 60 and 300 pieces and are meant for school-age puzzlers.

Animal Puzzles for Kids Ages 5 and up
These jigsaw puzzles are a great gift idea for young animal lovers who are looking for more of a challenge. Most of these puzzles have between 60 and 300 pieces and are meant for puzzlers between the ages of 5 and 10.

3D Magna Jigsaw Puzzle
From your Puzzles Guide, a review about the 3D Magna Puzzle, a lenticular puzzle made up of magnetized square pieces and a metal tin on which to assemble them.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles
These jigsaw puzzles with a Yuletide theme are perfect for younger puzzlers.

Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids
These jigsaw puzzles feature unicorns, dragons, enchanted castles and other fantastic subjects. Most of these puzzles have between 60 and 300 pieces and are meant for puzzlers between the ages of 5 and 10.

Floor Puzzles - Children's Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles can help young children develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. These colorfully illustrated floor puzzles have very large pieces, making it easy for younger puzzlers to manipulate them.

Floor Puzzles: Cars - Trucks - Buses - Tractors and More!
If your child has a fondness for anything that goes Vroom!, then they'll enjoy piecing together these jigsaw puzzles. The large pieces on these floor puzzles make it easy for younger puzzles to manipulate them.

Maps and World Geography
These jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way for children to develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills, while teaching them the basic notions of geography. Most are designed with preschoolers in mind, though some are meant for puzzlers of middle school age.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
Everyone's favorite tank engine is featured here along with his friends and other residents of the mythical island of Sodor.

Geo Puzzles: Puzzles that Make Geography Fun
Bob Galinsky wanted to find an attractive, accurate and engaging geographical puzzle for his 5 year-old son, and when he couldn't find any, came up with the idea of Geo Puzzles.

Pirate Puzzles: Books, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Puzzle Games
Shiver me timbers! Young buccaneers can enjoy these fun books, jigsaw puzzles and computer games that feature puzzles with a Pirate Theme.

Scramble Squares Brainteaser Puzzles
Scramble Squares have only nine colorfully illustrated square pieces, but the number of possible combinations in a 3 piece x 3 piece pattern is enormous! Over 120 styles of colorful, original art on nature, sports, history, culture, geography, science, technology, occupations, gourmet, fantasy, hobbies and activities with more being added all the time. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

The Alphabet
Give the gift of literacy. These puzzles will help preschoolers develop their spatial skills while learning their ABCs and numbers.

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