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Groundhog Day Dot-to-Dots, Cryptograms, Word Scrambles and Other Games


Young children just learning their numbers can practice them with these easy themed connect-the-dot games. Older kids with a good knowledge of their ABCs can try their hand at unscrambling the jumbled letters to form words associated with the Groundhog Day celebration. Kids at the middle school level can practice their code-breaking skills with these printable cryptogram puzzles.

Groundhog Day Dot-to-Dots

These easy counting puzzles are a very good way for young children to practice number sequencing.

Groundhog Day Cryptograms

In these letter games, the student uses a simple substitution cipher to decode the secret messages relating to Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day Word Scrambles

To solve these easy anagram games, you must rearrange the letters to form a word or phrase related to the Groundhog Day celebration.

Groundhog Day Word Scramble
Eight words pertaining to the legend of the groundhog and his shadow are featured in this printable anagram game.

Groundhog Day Word Jumble
Unscramble the 18 themed entries in this free anagram game. Play it online or print and solve on paper. The list of words is provided on the bottom of the sheet. Solution provided.

Groundhog Day Word Scramble
This printable word game features twelve jumbled words to unscramble.

Miscellaneous Groundhog Day Games

Groundhog Day Concentration Game
In this entertaining memory game, you need to match the images of groundhogs performing various activities. Once you've completed the game, you'll see a photograph of a groundhog in his burrow.

Groundhog Day Activities - Various activities related to Groundhog Day, including a connect-the-dot game, maze puzzle, several coloring pages and more.

I hope you and your children have enjoyed these free puzzles and games about weather-predicting woodchucks. Here's wishing you a Happy Groundhog Day!

Free Groundhog Day Puzzles for Kids
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