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Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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These free themed word search games, in which students must find the hidden words pertaining to Dr. King and his accomplishments, are a fun way to introduce vocabulary related to Dr. King and the civil rights movement. These puzzles vary in difficulty from fairly easy to challenging. Some of these games can be played online, others are printable worksheets that are geared towards classroom use.

Dr. Martin Luther King Word Search Games to Play Online

Up to 22 words related to the life and times of Dr. King are featured in the Martin Luther King Day Word Search Puzzle. We also have a Black History Word Search Game in which up to 25 hidden words pertaining to African-American history and the civil rights movement are hidden in a medium-sized grid. These word search games use extra-large fonts for easier reading. If you're not happy with the random letter jumble or you'd like to play again, simply click on the "Rescramble" button for a new game.

In this interactive Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search, you're invited to find the 10 related words before the clock runs out. The 10 words are taken from a rather extensive vocabulary list, so you can repeat the game multiple times and get a new game each time. Or, if you prefer, you can print the puzzle out for solving on paper.

This easy online MLK Word Search Puzzle features a word list of up to 15 terms related to the noted civil rights activist.

Printable Word Search Puzzles For Dr. Martin Luther King Day

For classroom solving, we have a variety of print-friendly word search games listed by difficulty level from very easy to challenging.

Free Martin Luther King Day Puzzles for Kids
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