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Using Logic to Proceed (scroll down for tutorial)
Fig. #3 - Using Logic to Proceed

Fig. #3 - Using Logic to Proceed

Looking over the grid, note that the lower left-hand cage contains the target number 3 and a subtraction symbol. This means that the two numbers in the cage will produce the sum of 3 when one number is subtracted from the other.

Since the grid only contains the numbers 1 through 4, we can deduce that the only two numbers that produce the target number are 1 and 4 (1 from 2, 1 from 3 or 2 from 3 do not produce the target number). But which number goes in which square? Since no number can repeat in any row or column and we already have a 4 in row three, the 1 must go in row three and the 4 in row four.

The Final 4

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