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Marbly - How-To & Wrap Up
Marbly Help Screen Shot

Marbly Help (Fig. 5)

Marbly comes with a How-To feature which shows you the basic moves and solving techniques of the game.

This short, animated tutorial goes over the correct ways and wrong ways of moving the marbles and clearing the board.

Once you click the How-To button, the turorial runs automatically and repeats in a loop until you either click 'Back' or select the 'More Help' option.

I would strongly advise you to carefully read all seventeen help files (click the 'More Help' button). There is a lot of good explanatory information even if some of it is in a slightly tortured English. (English is not the developers' first language.)

Pay special attention to the the fact that you earn twenty-five extra points for each move if you change the color of the marble you use.

Also, you earn double points for your final move that completes the solution so try to leave the most efficient move for last. For example, you will earn more points if your final move eliminates four, five, six or more marbles rather than the minimum three marbles.

Bear in mind that you earn five points for clearing three marbles but twenty points for six up to 50 points for eleven. So for a final move you have the potential to earn as much as one hundred points!

I was not aware of this when I began playing and was confused when the game would challenge me to get a higher score after I had successfully cleared the board. I didn't realize the extra point policy for color change and clearances greater than three (or the double points policy for the final move).

The Bottom Line

First impressions can be deceptive and none more so than with Marbly. With a few easy puzzles under your belt you might be thinking 'This is too easy!' but keep playing the later puzzles.

Suddenly, that easy-looking puzzle has an uncanny tendency to elude the quick and easy solution.

Add to the mix the limited time or limited moves challenges and your solving woes are suddenly compounded. What at first seemed so simple becomes simply baffling and the solution is like a struggling fish slipping from your grasp.

Furthermore, solving a puzzle once does not mean you will remember that optimal solution and flawlessly repeat it. You can always return to solved puzzles and still find some play value.

Congrats to Alexey Pajitnov. He definitely knows how to create an entertaining and sufficiently challenging puzzle. These are simple but devious and cater to puzzlers of just about every age and ability.

The only question, in my opinion, is whether the solving public will be sufficiently enthusiastic to actually pay for more hints, solutions and restarts in the Marbly Store.

Time will tell...

Watch Marbly in action on YouTube

Download the free Marbly app here.

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