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Math Puzzles and Games

Free online math games for math lovers: mathematical puzzles, prime numbers, cross sums, memes, Sudoku, Kakoru, logic puzzles, brainteasers and more. Good for students trying to improve their math skills.
  1. Math Games

Balance Quest
This mathematical puzzle challenges you to enter positive and negative numbers in such a way that you end up with nothing!

Math Puzzles for Kids
Free educational math games for younger solvers including math puzzles, counting mazes, dot-to-dot puzzles, math worksheets, logic puzzles and lateral thinking problems. An enjoyable way for kids to hone their math skills.

Sudoku Puzzles
Although sudoku puzzles use numbers as symbols, they're not truly math puzzles as they are solved using logic and reasoning rather than arithmetic. Here, you'll find hundreds of sudoku puzzles ranging in difficulty from extra easy to extra challenging.

Kakuro Puzzles - Books for Kakuro Puzzlers
More and more people are turning to puzzles and brainteasers as a way to keep their minds sharp as they age. In Kakuro, the objective of the puzzle is to fill in the numbers so that every row and column adds up to the corresponding numerical indicator. These books feature Kakuro, Meiro, Tensen, Hanjie, Sum Squares, Wordoku and other fun puzzle games.

Kakuro Puzzles Index
Fill in the puzzle so that every row and column adds up to its corresponding numerical indicator. No number may repeat in any row or column. These are print-friendly versions.

K-12 Math Puzzles
From the Math Forum, a collection of math puzzles and math line puzzles for students. Try the 'Year Game' which is especially challenging for the year 2000.

Magic Squares
A magic square is an arrangement of numbers in a square, with each number occurring once, and the sum of the entries of any row, column, or diagonal is the same. Historical background and classroom activities included.

Math & Logic Puzzles
From The William Levering School (Philadelphia, PA), math, geometry and logic puzzles that teach kids critical thinking.

Math Puzzle Books
A selection of books featuring math puzzles and games using various math concepts : polygons, numbers, topology, division, mazes, logic, magic squares, chess, cards, origami and much more!

Math Puzzlers!
A good selection of math puzzles.

Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Advanced math logic puzzles as well as math puzzles and riddles. Many interactive (Java).

Illustrated encyclopedic portal covering a wide range of topics including puzzles. Very interesting. Don't miss the optical illusions.

Mazes to Mathematics
There's more to mazes than minotaurs and meandering.

Check out "flooble's perplexing puzzle portal", featuring logic, probability, number, and paradox problems. You can post solutions or pose your own brainteasers (simple registration required to post comments). Worth a visit.

Play With Your Mind Math Puzzles
Practice your math and number skills with these free online math games from Play With Your Mind. These games entail equations, mathematical relationships, mental math and more.

Prime Puzzles
If you like math problems involving prime numbers and algorithms then this site should add up to a good time for you.

Rising Star Puzzle Mathematical Puzzle
The challenge is to enter a different number in each circle (from 1 through 21) so that the sum of the digits in any straight line is the same.

The Strange Case of 142,857
142,857 is just a number but it has some intriguing aspects and, when multiplied and manipulated, it displays some amazing properties.

Word Math
Word Math test the solver's analytical abilities with a blend of mathematical, logic, and language puzzles. Interactive.

Futoshiki Puzzles
Futoshiki is a type of Japanese number puzzle which, like Sudoku, requires logic rather than mathematical computations to solve. Like Sudoku, arrange the numbers so that they appear only once in each row or column, while taking into consideration the greater and less than symbols that appear in the puzzle. Solve these puzzles online or print...

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