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More and more people are turning to puzzles and brainteasers as a way to keep their minds sharp as they age. In Kakuro, the objective of the puzzle is to fill in the numbers so that every row and column adds up to the corresponding numerical indicator. These books feature Kakuro, Meiro, Tensen, Hanjie, Sum Squares, Wordoku and other fun puzzle games.

The Mammoth Book of Kakuro, Wordoku, and Super Sudoku

The Mammoth Book of Kakuro, Wordoku, and Super Sudoku
One hundred Kakuro and other Japanese mathematical puzzles, including Meiro, Tensen, and Sum Square games. Also includes Wordoku word-puzzle variants for those who would rather solve these logic puzzles with words rather than numbers. Over 400 puzzles in all, for all levels from beginner to expert. ISBN: 9780786717842
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Kakuro Notepad

Over 200 Wordless Crossword Puzzles! Kakuro, or cross sum puzzles, take the fun of crossword puzzles and combine it with the logic and reasoning of Sudoku. ISBN: 9780786717842
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Cryptic Kakuro and Cross Sums Sudoku

Introducing two new variants of number puzzles: Cryptic Kakuro and Cross Sums Sudoku. Cryptic Kakuro puzzles combine the standard Kakuro puzzles with alphametics (puzzles where letters or symbols are substituted for digits in an arithmetical operation). Cross Sums Sudoku puzzles combine Kakuro and Sudoku. Over 100 puzzles for you to enjoy. ISBN: 9781846853401
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The Big Book of Bathroom Brain-Sharpeners

Entertaining Sudoku, Kakuro, and Brainteasers for Every Day. This book contains hundreds of fun puzzles for all ages and levels of skill. A great way to test your wits and sharpen your mind. ISBN: 9781592332564
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Kakuro for Beginners

This book contains 101 puzzle to help teach those new to Kakuro the various techniques used to solve these Japanese puzzles. ISBN: 9780486453453
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Kids' Kakuro

Designed especially for children, this book contain 48 Kakuro puzzles to help youngsters improve their math skills and sharpen their logic and reasoning abilities. ISBN: 9780486453446
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Teach Yourself Advanced Sudoku And Kakuro

Improve your Sudoku skills, increase your powers of deduction and learn how to solve Kakuro. This book explains various Sudoku and Kakuro puzzle-solving techniques and includes puzzles of varying difficulty levels on which you can apply them. ISBN: 9780071477963
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Chambers Beyond Sudoku

This book of logic puzzles offers fifteen of each of the following puzzles: Filomino, Hanjie, Hashiwokakero, Hitori, Kakuro, Mosaic, Nurikabe, and Slither Link. Includes instructions on how to solve the various puzzles and their solutions. ISBN: 9780550103178
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Take the Kakuro Challenge

This book has 200 cross-sum puzzles of varying difficulty levels, from "Easy" to "Fiendish", plus tips on how to solve these fascinating number puzzles. ISBN: 9780600615736
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The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Killer Kakuro

A brief introduction to Kakuro puzzles, tips on how to solve them, and over 200 cross-sum puzzles from easy to very difficult. ISBN: 9781592575725
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