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Rubik's Cube is a six-sided cube puzzle with each side showing a solid color. Once scrambled, the object is to twist and turn the Cube to return it to its original state... each side with one solid color.

Invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik, Rubik's Cube was awarded best game of the year in 1980. Over 350 million of these cubic conundrums have been sold as of January, 2009, making it the world's top-selling puzzle game.

Rubik's Cube with Collector Stand

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com

Rubik's Cube is the addictive, multi-dimensional challenge that has fascinated puzzle fans around the world since 1980 - nearly one in every five people in the world has twisted, jumbled and enjoyed this immensely popular puzzle. This anniversary edition of the the original, 3x3x3 block Rubik's Cube is packaged in a commemorative 25th Anniversary Edition display case. This brain-bending puzzle game boasts of a possible 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations(forty-three quintillion). Manufacturer: Winning Moves. Age 8 and up.

The current world record for single time on a 3×3×3 Rubik's Cube was set by Dutch solver Erik Akkersdijk with a best time of 7.08 seconds at the Czech Open 2008.
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Rubik's Revenge 4x4 Cube

Image courtesy of EntertainmentEarth.com
If you thought the original 3x3 Rubik's Cube was too easy, then check out Rubik's Revenge 4x4x4 Cube! A fourth row has been added to each side of the cube, but it can still be solved in incredibly few moves. Cube comes with hints booklet.

The world record for 4x4x4 Cube is held by Erik Akkersdijk with a time of 39.83 seconds set at the German Open 2009. Quite an achievement when you consider that there are a possible 7.4 quattuordecillion (or 74 plus 44 0s) permutations to this puzzle.
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Rubik's Cube 5X5

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

Also known as the Professor's Cube, this variation of Erno Rubik's world-famous puzzle game is more delicate than the 3x3x3 cube, making it a poor choice for speed solving contests. But, with a staggering number of possible permutations, (about 283 duodecillion - that's 283 plus 72 0s!), the Rubik's Cube 5X5 is the absolute ultimate in the world of Rubik's Puzzles and a must-have for all fans. Manufacturer: Winning Moves.

The current record for solving this puzzle in an official competition is 1 minute 13.22 seconds, set by Erik Akkersdijk at the Danish Open 2009.
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Rubik's Ice Cube

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

Also known as the Pocket Cube or Mini Cube, the Rubik's Ice Cube is a 2x2x2 cube that's much easier to solve. With "only" 3,674,160 permutations, this puzzle is a good choice for challenging friends to beat your best time. Contents: 2x2 Rubik's Cube and iceberg stand. Manufacturer: Winning Moves. Ages 7 and up.

Erik Akkersdijk holds the current world record of solving the Pocket Cube in competition, with a time of 0.96 seconds set at the Geneva Open 2008.
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Rubik's 360 Game

Image courtesy of EntertainmentEarth.
New! The latest challenge by puzzle creator Erno Rubik, inventor of the immensely popular Rubik's Cube. The puzzle consists of six colored balls contained in three transparent plastic spheres. The objective is to move the balls from the inner sphere into their matching colored slots in the outer sphere. Available July, 2009.
See a video interview where inventor Erno Rubik demonstrates the Rubik's 360.

Rubik's Twist Brainteaser

Image courtesy of AreYouGame.com
Grab a Rubik's Snake and have yourself a hiss-y fit! It's a twisting, shape-forming puzzle that offers hours of challenging fun. Make a snake, a dog, a cross, or hundreds of other shapes. What else can you create? Can you get it back into its original ball shape? A solution hints booklet is included for your assistance. From the creator of the classic and incomparable Rubik's Cube comes yet another brain teasing good time. Rubik's Snake - it'll charm you!
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