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Newspaper Crosswords

Daily and weekly crossword puzzles featured in online editions of US newspapers. Nearly all of these used to be free, but now many require a subscription.
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Disappearing Newspaper Puzzles
As newspapers struggle with fewer subscribers and dwindling revenues, some of their cost-cutting measures include migrating the puzzle pages to the Web or eliminating them altogether. Traditional paper and pencil solvers are devastated. While sales of puzzle books remain strong (you don't bring a laptop to the bathroom), it's not the same as a daily puzzle in the local rag which becomes part of a daily routine. What do you think? Are newspapers and their puzzle pages going the way of the dodo?

New York Times
Probably some of the best crosswords in puzzledom but a subscription is required.

Philadelphia Daily News
Features the Universal daily crossword.

USA Today
Daily interactive crossword. There's also a version for Mac users. Extensive archives.

Boston Globe
Online crossword puzzle from Universal Crossword.

Rocky Mountain News
Online crossword puzzle. Choose Master or Regular (shows incorrect letters). Print version available.

Houston Chronicle
Daily online crossword puzzle created by Eugene Sheffer. May be printed for paper solving (Adobe .pdf file).

The News-Herald
From southeastern Michigan, daily interactive crossword puzzle created by top-notch constructors. Uses the AcrossLite applet. May be downloaded for offline solving (with free AcrossLite player). Print version available. Archive.

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