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Optical Illusions

A collection of optical illusions, ambigrams and visual perception puzzles. Images are not what they first appear to be, vibrate or change color.
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Optical Illusions and Visual Perception Puzzles
Here's a collection of optical illusions and visual perception puzzles. Some of the images are not what they first appear to be while others are impossibilities which, initially, may seem possible. A few of these images will seem to vibrate or rotate and others will bend, skew or change color. And it's all just your eyes playing tricks on your...

71 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
Michael Bach has created an excellent resource demonstrating visual phenomena, along with technical explanations as to why our eyes trick us into seeing something that isn't really there.

Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages
This stie by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka has a very large number of optical illusions, including anomalous motion illusions, stereograms, motion illusions, glasses-dependent chromatic abberation illusions and many more. Warning! Some illusions may cause dizziness or epileptic seizures in certain individuals.

Ambigrams - Topsy-Turvy Matchbox Art
Here's a collection of ambigramic art which adorned match boxes during the late 19th and early 20th century. These whimsical images were cleverly drawn so as to be viewable right side up or upside down. Maiden to hag or man to beast, the images transform with a flip of the pack or, in this case, a click of the mouse.

Checker Shadow Illusion
Can you tell which square is darker?

eChalk optical illusions
Optical illusions demonstrating motion induced blindness, pseudo-motion images, after images

Magic Moving Images - Animated Optical Illusions
This fascinating little book will put a smile on anyone's face. The most common first reaction is one of delighted surprise. The process of producing these complex animations is so simple that they truly do seem to be magical.

Mighty Optical Illusions
This site claims to have the biggest database of optical illusions in the world, along with an interesting blog that gives background information on the various images.

Mind-bending Optical Illusions
These illustrations defy the rules of space and trick the eye into seeing two different visions.

Optical Illusion - Wikipedia
An explanation of the various optical illusions, physiological illusions and cognitive illusions, along with the different effects experienced when viewing these images.

Optical Illusions Etc.
This site and blog are about the various types of optical illusions: fractals, architecture, art, etc.

Optical Illusions, amazing pictures and visual magic tricks
Here you'll find color illusions, image flips, hidden pictures, weird lines, strange circles and impossible objects.

Rotating Pink Dots
Seeing is believing... or is it?

The Missing Princess Ambigram
Move the cursor over the image and see what happens!

Watizzits? - Can you identify the picture?
Can you identify the common objects in the pictures?

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