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Optical Illusions and Visual Perception Puzzles

Free Optical Illusion Image Gallery


Here's a collection of optical illusions and visual puzzles to entertain you. Some of these optical illusions are not what they first appear to be while others are impossibilities which, initially, may seem possible. A few of these images will seem to vibrate or rotate and others will bend, skew or change color. And it's all just your eyes playing tricks on your mind...
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Optical Illusions - Abuelo y Abuela - Dos MusicosForever Always Optical IllusionOptical Illusions - Leonardo da Vinci / Man on a BurroLeonardo - Man on a Burro Optical IllusionOptical Illusions - St. George & The DragonSt. George and The Dragon Optical Illusions - Don Quixote's WindmillDon Quixote's Windmill Optical Illusion
Optical Illusions - Mona Lisa's MenagerieMona Lisa's Menagerie - Optical IllusionOptical Illusions - The Mystery Hole The Mystery Hole Optical IllusionOptical Illusions - Skewed Checker BoardSkewed Checker Board Optical IllusionOptical Illusions - Wavy Lines?Wavy Lines? Optical Illusion
Optical Illusions and Visual Puzzles - Vibrating PortholeVibrating Porthole Optical Illusions - Spiralling VortexSpiralling Vortex Optical IllusionOptical Illusions and Visual Puzzles - Fantasy BlockadeFantasy Blockade Optical Illusions - Rotation, Rotation, RotationRotation - Optical Illusion
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