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Foreign Language Crosswords

Foreign language crossword puzzles for all ages and levels of ability. Crossword puzzles in various languages : French, German, Italian, Spanish. Good vocabulary builders for language students.
  1. Crossword_Puzzles_in_French_French_Crossword_Puzzles_Mots_Croises (11)
  2. Crosswords_in_German_German_Crossword_Puzzles (8)
  3. Crosswords_in_Italian_Italian_Crossword_Puzzles (4)
  4. Crosswords_in_Spanish_Spanish_Crossword_Puzzles_Crucigramas (10)

Sanasepot (The Wordsmiths)
The most popular type of crossword in Finland is the picture crossword. Available only in Finnish.

SkorDisk Enigmatika
Online games such as crosswords, mazes, 'find a word' games, knight jumps, cryptic crosswords and a couple types specific to the Serbian language. No need for Serbian fonts or keyboard to use the site.

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