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Puzzle Making Software - Crosswords - Word Search Generators

Today's crossword construction software makes constructing your own puzzles a snap. Your Puzzle Guide reviews the top puzzle making software. Also, Word search generators, crossword solvers, maze generators, anagram solvers and more!
  1. Crossword Software Reviews (8)

Shareware version of the classic hangman game and a crossword and word search puzzle generator.

Anagram Genius
Probably the most powerful anagram generator currently available on the market. It costs about $40 US but as they say, "The best things in life are NOT free." Visit the site and get a chuckle even if you don't order the product.

Crossword Compiler for Windows
A powerful program with advanced features for serious constructors. Generates grids and has automatic fill capabilities using word lists in an expandable database.

Crossword Construction Kit
Educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts can quickly produce professional looking puzzles. Windows 95/NT.

Crossword Express Puzzle Creator
An inexpensive crossword construction program available for PC or Mac users.

Crossword Maestro
A crossword solving program. It's a lot more than just a way to cheat.

Maze Creator
Design random mazes with solutions to be printed or copied to the clipboard. Can be customized in shape and number of starting and stopping points. 4 template maze styles. Windows only.

Puzzle Express
Puzzle playing software and free monthly puzzles to download. They hope to offer puzzles delivered by email.

It's a crossword, it's a quiz, it's an acrostic! Actually, it's a program that uses a database of over 10,000 quiz questions to generate crosswords, quizzes and acrostics. Shareware.

Wordsheets Crosswords
Automatically generates free form crosswords from wordlists. Also handles word searches and word scrambles. DOS program.

XWord Studio
From Greg Chapman, a tool to create crosswords from scratch. For Mac users only. Newest version released: 25/05/2000

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