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Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer

The Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer

Will Weiss
Version 2 of The Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer has been released. It contains just under 1.5 million words and almost 145,000 individually referenced look-up words.

This latest version is the work of Will Weiss whose mother, Yetta Weiss, spent 65 years compiling the database. The entire database is available on a single CD. It not only makes possible the publication of this resource at minimal cost but it also allows users to access the information quickly and effortlessly.

In version 2 Will has added many new words, corrected typos and updated numerous entries. With comments and suggestions from users this project will improve over time. Will assures me that he will continue to update this resource and plans another release soon.

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